Absolute Arm: Protection

The world's first IP54-rated portable measuring arm

Absolute Arm : Protection
A widely noted trend in the world of metrology over recent years has been the increasing demand for measurement taking place further and further from the controlled environment of the quality room. Measurement out among the tools of production is becoming an industry standard in many major sectors, whether that’s around the presses of the automotive shop floor or the forges of the foundry.

The most recent developments in the current generation of Absolute Arm models make it the perfect answer to the challenging questions now being asked of metrology equipment. With IP54-rated protection against liquids and particles during transport and measurement – a first on the market offering among portable measuring arms – the Absolute Arm can handle humid factory conditions, splashing oil and milling dust without breaking a sweat.

High temperatures are another area in which the Absolute Arm excels, with guaranteed operation at specified accuracies in environmental temperatures of up to 45°C. Whether its down to production sites in the tropics or non-existent air conditioning systems, the Absolute Arm can stand the heat like no other portable arm on the market.

Integration within the Metrology Asset Manager solution offers another way in which the Absolute Arm is better protected than ever before. Thanks to real-time monitoring anywhere in the world, you can be protected against poor measurement results by making sure you know the moment arm performance drops below expected levels. Instant notifications can even be defined for incidents like shock events that may impact measurement accuracy and require a recalibration.

All in all, the Absolute Arm is the most well-protected portable measuring arm on the market, and it’s not even close.