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“Hexagon has a strong culture of collaboration. Everything we do has the customer foremost in mind.” - Kimberley Lim

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In a time when switching careers is commonplace, it’s not often that you find someone who has remained in the same industry throughout their professional life. Kimberley Lim, however, is an exception.

“My first job out of school was with a mining software company. From there, my career continued to evolve, and I never left the industry,” says Lim. “That’s always been my core focus, and I’ve been lucky to build a lot of networks and connections in this field.”

It was through her experience in the mining industry that she heard about Hexagon before an opportunity for a position arose. “I was super excited because I knew that Hexagon had a breadth of solutions that went beyond software-based products,” she says. “I think Hexagon is being really transformative in what it’s doing for the mining industry.”

Today, Lim serves as the Mining division’s regional marketing manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. While she may be based in Perth, Australia, Lim works closely with her marketing colleagues who are almost 16,000 kilometres away.

“I’ve got a really great team based out of Tucson [Arizona] who have expertise in different areas of marketing,” Lim says. “I am very fortunate that I can leverage their skill sets for campaigns in the APAC market.”

As a marketing manager, Lim interacts with customers and internal stakeholders on a regular basis. She manages everything from collecting customer stories to organising events and setting up opportunities for subject matter experts to share their stories. In fact, it’s working together with customers and colleagues across the globe that makes Hexagon an ideal fit for Lim.

“Hexagon has a really strong culture of collaboration. Everyone comes together to solve problems for the industries and the customers that we serve,” she says. “I think that everything we do has the customer foremost in mind.”

For Lim, one of the most rewarding parts of her role is seeing the impact that Hexagon’s mining solutions have on end users.

“The mining industry has challenges, with safety at its core — we want everyone to return to their families safely,” she says. “From this perspective, I think Hexagon has a very strong safety portfolio that ensures people are protected in dynamic, operating mine sites. I think it’s a privilege and I feel really fortunate knowing we are providing these solutions to the market.”

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