Working on behalf of the customer

“It’s my responsibility to use Hexagon’s products to solve customer pain points.”

Hexagon employee head shot

Hunghuo Su, an applications engineer for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, spends his days making sure our customers find a smart and convenient way to use our products. In collaboration with sales and research and development (R&D) teams, he is driven by the latest software and tools that are helping to elevate a product or new function to serve a customer challenge or need.

“We have a lot of great-quality products that represent different fields, which gives us the ability to propose solutions that have multiple capabilities that set us apart from our competitors,” says Su.

In addition, Su states that when new products join Hexagon or a new product is developed by an R&D team, it’s exciting to see how the technology will be integrated into future solutions for customers by simply adding a new tool to our ever-growing toolbox. Our focus on diversity and innovation has opened the door for more opportunities to grow our solutions and offerings.

“One of the things that makes me most proud to work for a company like Hexagon is the friendly environment and strong support given by colleagues and leadership to integrate solutions for customers,” says Su. “We're creating a space that is always changing and building on new and exciting technology.”

Inspirational advice: The world keeps changing and improving, so keep an open mind when learning something new.

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