Rental systems

Avoid downtime and ensure inspection productivity with short and long-term hiring options across Hexagon’s measuring solutions.

Rental systems

Renting measuring equipment is an ideal solution to maintain production efficiency in the face of many inspection challenges. When manufacturers don’t have the required resources, hiring coordinate measuring machines (CMM) or portable measuring systems can be a quick and effective way to:

  • Meet sudden surges in production, maintaining manufacturing agility and avoiding metrology bottlenecks
  • Adapt to short-term changes in inspection requirements, such as non-standard geometries or parts with tighter tolerances
  • Maintain output and avoid downtime when other measuring systems are being repaired, serviced, or calibrated 
  • Test if a particular measuring technology would be ideal for a customer’s new application and perform real-world ROI analysis

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s measuring system rental service is about providing the inspection flexibility and agility organisations need to maintain quality while meeting changing workload demands as they occur.

Manufacturers can hire systems from across the range of Hexagon’s measuring products, including CMMsportable measuring armslaser tracker systems3D laser scanner systemswhite light scanner (WLS) systems, and metrology software. Measuring machine rentals can be short or long term, installed at your own site or utilised at a Hexagon centre. 

Rental portable systems can be packaged to become part of a dedicated service agreement, ensuring measuring solutions are readily available for you during routine maintenance or repair. Hexagon’s portable measuring arms are also a popular and cost-effective option for short-term measurement projects, such as sudden non-standard measurement requirements. If you quickly need scanning capability, longer arms to inspect larger parts, or shorter arms to meet tighter tolerances, our range of measuring arms are perfectly adapted to be quickly implemented in your quality process. 

This service is available in certain markets only. Use the enquiry form to see what is offered in your area and your local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence representative will be in touch.