Measurement support and contract inspection

Hexagon provides measurement consultation and contract inspection services to optimise quality processes across a range of industries and types of tools, fixtures, and assemblies.

Sometimes bringing in a third party can be crucial to maintaining productivity in your quality processes. Whether you are facing increased output demands, lacking resources, or need help with more complex measuring tasks, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence can quickly and cost-effectively provide the equipment and expertise you require.

Our experienced team offers dimensional inspection, quality consulting, and third party verification services to all types of industries and for all types of tools, fixtures and assemblies. 

If you’re looking for support to enhance your operations and drive productivity, Hexagon’s expert engineers can help you identify improvement opportunities with a range of consultation services: 

  • Cycle time optimisation. To help drive your competitiveness in today’s modern, fast-paced production chains, our experts provide measurement process consultation and evaluations to reduce your inspection times and cost. 
  • Accuracy optimisation. Our service team can increase confidence in your results and quality processes by helping you find the ideal solution that will deliver the most precise and reproducible results for your particular metrology tasks.   
  • New part fixturing optimisation. A range of factors – from part weight to the sensitivity of its material – can make finding the ideal fixturing system a challenge. Our consultation service will help you find the right solution.

If you have any inspection issues, you can rest assured that technical experts are on-hand to provide responsive remote support via telephone.  

Our mobile state-of-the-art measuring equipment allows us to perform quick and accurate inspections at your facility or at one of our solution centres. Depending on your needs, we offer a range of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), portable measuring armsmultisensor and optical CMMslaser tracker systems, and white light scanner systems.

The third party inspection services we offer follow current industry standards and guidelines to assure quality and ensure your parts are measured accurately, backed by our quality systems and fully traceable data.

Whether it is part measurements, fit checks, statistical process control (SPC) data collection, deformation/drift monitoring or in-process inspection, our services optimise inspection, minimise impact on your business and reduce overall inspection costs.

Whatever the application or need, we will find the solution.

In the event of absenteeism or an under-resourced team, you can call on our engineers to provide effective operator cover, offering extensive experience of a range of applications and inspection requirements across industries from aerospace through automotive to electronics. Likewise, when purchasing measuring equipment isn’t cost-effective for your organisation, we can provide full support where required.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers:

  • Experience. Our team of quality engineers and project managers have years of diverse experience and are regularly trained in the latest inspection equipment and software.
  • Technology. We have the most up-to-date, proven technology for precise, mobile and fast coordinate inspection, including precision laser trackers, portable measuring arms and 3D laser scanners.
  • Quality. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is an ISO 9001: 2000-registered company with traceable equipment according to the national and international certification authorities.
  • Savings. Save time and money by reducing your inspection backlog and getting products out the door with process optimisation, expert consultancy, and the latest measurement technology.