Part programming and application consultancy

Outsourced remote or onsite part programming and application consultancy for manufacturers.

Part Programming and Application Consultancy

Getting expert assistance when you need it is vital to maintaining manufacturing productivity. Perhaps you are currently short on programmers. You would like to develop a single program to run for a selection of parts. You need additional programming or application support for a new product launch or a project that is too complex for current capabilities.

Whatever the reason, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will work with you on your application or programming needs to fully define your requirements and specifications, and maximise the effectiveness of your machinery and processes. 

From supporting short-term programming initiatives to long-term projects, Hexagon offers consultancy services to manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, power and energy, and medical. We can program offline at Hexagon facilities without a part, or we can program at your facility, using your machines to further customise services to your specific needs. 

With a team of programming and application engineers worldwide, and a network of tried and tested contractors, Hexagon offers the expertise and experience to consult on your metrology projects.

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom operator interfaces (including touch-screens)
  • Parts with complex geometries and difficult to access features
  • Interface with automation and customised logic routines
  • PC-DMIS 
  • Barcode reader device integration
  • Customised reports.