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Create quieter products and optimise sound design in development with acoustic simulation software.

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From headphones and speakers to electric vehicles and aircraft, sound and noise, acoustics are increasingly important to consumer experience. Hexagon’s acoustic simulation tools enable designers and engineers to understand the key parameters of the sounds we hear and design for optimum acoustic performance.

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Acoustic simulation for a quieter world

There is virtually no field of engineering that remains untouched by acoustic simulation technology. The reason is simple: no industry can afford to deliver a product that is too loud or does not sound right. Sound quality is part of every product’s identity and a key aspect of the brand and experience. 

Hexagon’s acoustic simulation solutions have helped engineers across industries and around the world to meet increasingly stringent noise regulations or to guarantee that a new design is consistent with the trademark sound of the company. Where acoustic vibrations or noise generated by turbulent flow are involved, Hexagon’s acoustic software is there to provide the right solution in the best simulation environment.

Acoustic simulation of aircraft engine noise

Assess noise levels and improve sound quality

Hexagon’s acoustic simulation software enables users to analyse the radiation of sound in a fluid or in enclosed cavities to identify critical issues before prototype development.

With extensive acoustic analysis capabilities, designers, engineers and analysts can extract acoustic modes, analyse sound radiation, model absorbing walls or study sound propagation in ducts, intake and exhaust lines or distribution systems in buildings, aircrafts and automobiles.

Noise radiation from a gearbox

A versatile vibro-acoustic and NVH solution

In order to study acoustic-structural interaction, it is necessary to model the behaviour of all the structural components involved as well as the fluid.

Hexagon’s acoustic simulation tools enable users to analyse interior acoustic problems such as car or aircraft cabin noise and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) alongside exterior acoustic problems to model noise radiation to the environment. Engineers can incorporate complex, realistic boundary conditions along with appropriate structural material properties of trim or encapsulation components for noise-dampening behaviour.

Vibro-acoustic simulation of a vehicle body in white

Predict the noise generated by turbulent flows

Aero-acoustics is concerned with noise-generated turbulent flow and its propagation. Common applications include fan noise, vehicle side-mirror noise and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

With Hexagon’s acoustic simulation solutions, aerodynamic noise sources are recovered from CFD results and propagated in an affordable way. Engineers can also combine this capability with vibro-acoustic simulation to tackle advanced aero-vibro-acoustic problems and include acoustic treatments such as porous materials to design and evaluate acoustic reduction measures.

Aero-acoustic simulation of an eVTOL

An acoustic simulation expert on your team

For over 20 years, Hexagon’s expert acoustic simulation team has been helping customers improve the acoustic performance of products by solving the most challenging acoustic problems. Having completed close to a thousand projects, providing invaluable insight into acoustic, noise and NVH issues, our team offers expert advice that helps companies reach their acoustic design goals. 

As well as off-site or on-site project work, our acoustics experts can perform methodology development and deployment missions, support technology-transfer initiatives and provide advanced support for our software. Closely connected to our application teams, our product development group also provides services for custom developments and features for any specific needs.

Acoustic simulation services to support CAE projects


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