Simufact Welding

Special weld structure software for virtual tests and process design for the optimisation of assemblies

Software solution for welding processes without expert knowledge

Simufact Welding two digit iconSimufact Welding is used to model and optimise a variety of thermal joining processes, taking into account the welding sequence and fixture.

One of the biggest challenges in welding is the thermal deformations or residual stresses of the entire assembly that occur after a non-optimised welding and unclamping process. As a result, subsequent welding processes cannot be easily performed because the geometry of the sub-assembly is out of tolerance. With Simufact Welding, the welding process and parameters can be optimised to achieve the desired product quality. 

Simufact Welding composite image of rendered parts 

Exactly the right welding process you need

Processes such as arc welding, laser beam welding, electron beam welding, brazing, resistance spot welding as well as the additive manufacturing process laser deposition welding (LMD or DED) can be modeled in Simufact Welding. In addition, Simufact Welding can be used to model the heat treatment, different variants of cooling and stress relieving as well as the mechanical load of the welded structures.

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Your benefits with Simufact Welding

  • Design and optimise your welding process:
    • Determine the optimal weld sequence and parameters, as well as clamping and unclamping concepts, to minimise thermal distortions and residual stresses and ensure a robust welding process.
    • Identify and eliminate potential welding defects, such as hot cracks.
    • Investigate material behavior during welding, such as phase transformation
  • Simplicity – No expert knowledge required as the software solution is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive and process-oriented.
  • Sustainability – Save material, time and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming physical tests with virtual tests.

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Resistance Spot Welding of a B-Pillar.


Welding of a rear Subframe.


Directed Energy Deposition of a pro-beam frame.


Directed Energy Deposition of a turbine blade with IPK Fraunhofer.