REcreate: Powerful

The intelligent reverse engineering software that combines full capability with simplicity.

Recreate powerful

REcreate perfectly balances powerful reverse engineering capabilities and ease of use. Even new users can harness REcreate’s functions to successfully undertake any reverse engineering application.

Full CAD capabilities

REcreate comes with a full CAD system that can create 2D drawings and CAD models that are ready to use in manufacturing and can create accurate CAD models even from fragmented data. And because REcreate will work with any existing CAD/CAM products, manufacturers can use it to improve their current reverse engineering processes and results while maximising existing technology investments.

From point cloud data to a digital twin

With REcreate, engineers can move smoothly from point cloud management through to the creation of meshes, surface models and solids all within in a single design single environment that includes a fully enabled direct modelling system. As a result, they can optimise their use of intelligent data to create a complete digital twin that is ready for manufacturing.


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