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Road-testing the Absolute Arm trackside with Red Bull Racing

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Absolute Arm trackside with Red Bull Racing

Before we officially launched the products, we took the new Absolute Arm and RS5 Laser Scanner to Silverstone so our partner in innovation Red Bull Racing could take an early look at the technology and see how it might help them to keep winning races. Here’s what they had to say:

“The new Absolute Arm looks great in many ways, from the portability, which is essential for us as we’re taking measurements within a hectic garage environment, to the technology improvements Hexagon has built in that make this new arm faster, more accurate and easier to use than other arms we’ve tried.

Within our inspection portfolio, time and accuracy are key, and it looks like the efficiency of the new RS5 Laser Scanner leads the way in terms of speed of data acquisition and point density.

These arms are being used on a daily basis by our engineers and inspectors, so ergonomics is a vital factor for us. The new modular wrist on the Absolute Arm 7-Axis looks really great – being able to select the best wrist configuration for whatever we’re measuring and whoever’s doing the measuring makes so much sense, and we can’t wait to use it more.

The new wrist display and buttons also look like important improvements that will help us increase the productivity of our measurement processes. Placing feedback and enabling access to the most important settings right where we need it is really useful – our Formula 1 steering wheels work on much the same concept.”

Update July 2019:

"Earlier this year we had our first introduction to Hexagon’s new RS6 Laser Scanner for the Absolute Arm 7-Axis. What an incredible product! Scanning process speed is lightyears ahead of any other arm mounted scanned we’ve tested – we were able to collect full part information significantly less time than we can with our current equipment. We were honestly floored by how quick and easy to use this new scanner is. And at a higher accuracy than the previous generation of scanner. The RS6 will certainly be making its way into our line-up of measurement tools at the earliest possible opportunity."

Absolute Arm 7-Axis at Red Bull Racing