Steel profile measurement

Dedicated tools to measure profile of steel beams and rails

Close up of Aton Wire in engineering plant


Profile measurement in steel production.

Rising quality standards in the steel industry require highly accurate inspection and full documentation right from the source for rolled product production. To achieve production quality standards, both the surface finish and the dimensional accuracy must be monitored during the steel manufacturing process. Continuous measuring and spot checks of profile dimensions, such as width and height, as well as the earliest possible detection of surface defects, are therefore to the design of a modern quality control concept for the steel industry.

The measuring systems used for to inspect steel must work quickly, precisely and be failsafe. With the CALIPRI steel measurement solution, Hexagon provides specialised tools to measure profile, surface and flatness. Common applications of this technology include steel beam profile inspection, profile forming validation, steel profile surface inspection and steel flatness measurement. The CALIPRI system helps rolling mill operators produce the highest quality steel profiles for a variety of industries including rail, automotive, heavy machinery and construction.

CALIPRI RCx steel application