CALIPRI C42 Rollshop Bundle

Universal profile gauge

An engineer using a profile and surface measurement scanner holding a tablet
Optimise your product quality and production process with the CALIPRI C42 for roll measurement. The handheld device CALIPRI C42 detects roll wear and measures roll gaps in your steel mill.

With CALIPRI C42 Rollshop the contactless profile measurement of rolls is done by the simple wave of your hand. The detection of roll wear as well as the measurement of the roll gap can be performed on build-in or dismounted rolls alike. Thus, making the C42 a universal gauge to optimize your product quality and production set-up.

Compared to mechanical or feeler gauges, the C42 delivers faster results, at a higher accuracy and with a higher repeatability. Results are transferred wireless to a tablet PC where the measured data subsequently is stored and can be used for data evaluation.

The C42 Rollshop Bundle features three measurement methods:

  • Roll Caliber: measurement of depth and width of multiple grooves in a roll caliber. Up to ten grooves can be measured with one single hand-guided measurement scan.

  • Roll Gap: measurement of the minimum gap between two flat roll sections. This parameter is important in order to produce long rolled products or metal sheets with specified thickness.

  • Roll Stand: the previously measured profiles of the roll calibers and the roll gaps are combined to total view of the roll stand including an automated evaluation of the opening and roll area. 

  • With the feature "Profile Compare" it is possible to directly compare the measured profile of the roll caliber with a CAD model or a previously measured profile to analyze its wear condition immediately.


CALIPRI C42 Rollshop Bundle

Steel profile measurement

Rising quality standards in the steel industry require highly accurate inspection and full documentation right from the source for rolled product production.


Designed for the inspection of rolled steel sections, CALIPRI RCx portable measuring systems support the development and introduction of new steel profiles into production or fast production tool changes between models.