Automotive flush and gap measurement

Dedicated measurement solutions for automotive flush and gap

Close-up of Nextsense Calipri scanner


Flush and gap measurement in automotive manufacturing

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Whether it’s a compact vehicle or a luxury model, the aesthetics of a car are an increasingly decisive criteria in the customer purchase decision. Narrow and even gaps and high-class fit and finish standards are the hallmarks of a quality car production and assembly process. They also impact vehicle characteristics such as noise and leak reduction, as well as contributing to factors affecting the safety of the car’s occupants. Despite its importance to vehicle perceived quality, optimally designed flush and gap is hard to achieve.

Hexagon’s dedicated NEXTSENSE CALIPRI range of automotive flush and gap measurement systems meet vehicle manufacturers’ requirements for the highest accuracy and reliability across the entire process, from product development to serial production. The patented CALIPRI technology is suitable for manual offline, near-line, manual inline and fully-automated inline flush and gap measurement. Automotive manufacturers rely on CALIPRI products to measure dozens of vehicle profile types including flush and gap between the car body and closures such as doors, bonnet, boot, fenders and more.