Computer Aided Engineering software (CAE software)

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s computer-aided engineering (CAE) software solutions enable designers, engineers and analysts to simulate product and process performance in finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multi-body dynamics (MBD), as well as providing cost estimation and design optimisation tools.

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Computer-aided engineering (CAE) software enables designers and engineers to simulate product and process performance.

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    Adams is a multibody dynamics simulation tool to model moving part dynamics and the effects of forces on mechanical systems.

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    Design, test and virtually validate autonomous vehicles in thousands of scenarios to improve safety.

  • Virtual Manufacturing

    Virtual Manufacturing software, empowering 'Shift to Zero' in Manufacturing.

  • Multiphysics

    Design more robust, reliable, quiet and efficient products with multiphysics simulation and optimisation.

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    The Romax simulation range provides specialised tools for electromechanical simulation and multiphysics design optimisation.

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    Multi-physics system integration and simulation for design and engineering of next-generation systems.

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    Easy5 simplifies the construction and analysis of dynamic systems with a graphical, schematic-based application.

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Automated application of 1D physics equations for advanced controls and system simulation
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  • Digimat

    A nonlinear multiscale material and structure modelling platform.

  • MaterialCenter

    An enterprise-scalable solution for materials lifecycle management.

  • Hexagon's SimManager CAE software displayed on a computer monitor.

    SimManager is a simulation process and data management (SPDM) system for all aspects of CAE simulation.

  • ODYSSEE product

    A unique and powerful CAE-centric innovation platform.

  • Module

    MaterialCenter Databanks is a comprehensive source of material information needed by engineers.

  • Nexus

    Nexus is a platform to enhance smart manufacturing collaboration, accelerating innovation and time to market.

  • MSCOne

    MSCOne is a product token system that lets you take advantage of the breadth and depth of Hexagon’s simulation portfolio.

Cloud CAE solutions

Run and scale up simulation jobs from anywhere, at any time.