Autonomous mobility

Design, test, and virtually validate the safety and quality of ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems

Vehicles driving on a bridge with overlaid orange-and-white autonomous simulation data readout graphics surrounding them

Innovate faster with confidence

Shorten test cycles and increase test coverage by incorporating 3D environment simulation 

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No new cars today have zero ADAS features, which was not the case only a couple of years ago. Yet, automakers s are given the same amount of development and test time to bring a vehicle to market. The time-to-market pressure is ever-increasing. On top of it, the market expects better ADAS and autonomous features that make the test far more complex. To combat such pressure, more test is done in the 3D environment simulation. Rapid testing and increasing test coverage with confidence are some of the highly regarded benefits of using Hexagon’s industry-leading autonomous and ADAS simulation solutions. 
  • Digital representation of a car for the VTD simulation shown on a monitor

    VTD is a toolkit for creation, configuration, presentation and evaluation of virtual environments for autonomous vehicles.

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      Partial autonomy
      Driving simulation application for autonomous and ADAS virtual environments
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