PC-DMIS Reshaper

PC-DMIS Reshaper - New attractive solution for reverse engineering

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PC-DMIS Reshaper application for ROMER arms & scanners: a complete 3D point-cloud processing software for users who need to handle rapidly generated point clouds files and obtain high-quality 3D meshes at an affordable price.

The affordable 7-axes reverse engineering solution at a very attractive price, combining ROMER arm flexibility, ROMER laser probe technology and powerful PC-DMIS Reshaper software.
Point Cloud Treatment:
  • No limit concerning point cloud import
  • Registration, Best Fit, Alignment
  • Cleaning, noise reduction
  • Separation, fusion of point clouds
Meshing Process:
  • Several meshing functions (2D, 3D, deviation error)
  • Hole filling along curvatures
  • Mesh coloration
  • Meshing along curvature
  • Constraint meshing
  • Noise measurement elimination
  • Mesh decimation, polygon reduction
  • Optimisation for finite element analysis
  • 3D global shape deformation
  • Automatic probe radius compensation
3D Control & Inspection:
  • IGES - STEP import
  • Surface or contour comparison
  • Color mapping with variable scales
  • Detailed label edition on particular points
  • Direct Interface with ROMER arm for online inspection
CAD preparation and rapid prototyping:
  • Best shape extraction for easiest surface reconstruction
  • Section Calculation

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