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PC-DMIS Vision

PC-DMIS Vision reduces the time spent developing inspection programs by up to 75% and integrates CAD into the measurement process. It has a sophisticated set of tools crafted to ease the job of developing, debugging and executing measurement programs to meet the unique requirements of vision metrology.

PC-DMIS Vision links fully online, 3D CAD to virtually any vision metrology system. During program execution, the software compares the measured data to the CAD nominals in real time. Because it works with true 3D models, PC-DMIS Vision allows you to measure 3D features on vision systems.

Interoperability - PC-DMIS Vision is part of the PC-DMIS EMS Suite of software products, sharing a common user interface and software architecture with the other EMS measurement software. No matter what measurement machine or sensor is used, operators and programmers are always working in the same environments eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful cross training.

CAD based - PC-DMIS Vision seamlessly integrates CAD into vision measurement supporting a wide range of standard CAD formats and standards including IGES, STEP, DMIS and more. It also links to a range of proprietarily CAD systems like CATIA and UG using either Direct CAD Translators (DCTs), which provide a translation from native CAD or Direct CAD Interfaces (DCIs), which work directly on the CAD model.

Off-line Programming - PC-DMIS Vision makes off-line programming a reality. You can develop and prove their inspection programs off-line while leaving their measurement machine free for inspection. Select geometry and define program parameters by pointing and clicking on a CAD model.

Camera Simulation - PC-DMIS Vision's CAD Camera allows users to accurately simulate selected measurement options including camera views, lighting and probe selection. It works either on-line or off-line and has the unique capability to reproduce precisely what the camera will see as it measures a part. When simulating program execution, programmers can switch between a CAD view and a virtual camera view, which changes in step with the inspection program.

Part Transferability - PC-DMIS Vision's AutoTune feature makes it easy to transfer parts between machines of the same type. With AutoTune you can quickly modify the illumination and magnification settings of a program taken from another machine by stepping through it and making changes as needed. The software automatically records them and the program is ready to go on the new machine.

Feature-based Measurement - PC-DMIS Vision automatically adjusts processes according to what's being measured. During measurement it uses feature size not pixels.

Streamlined Program Editing - PC-DMIS Vision makes editing inspection programs easy with a sophisticated set of editing tools. With them, it's a simple matter to modify inspection routines.

Enhanced Edge Detection - PC-DMIS Vision offers a set of user-selectable algorithms that make it easy to setup edge detection. Instead of having to manually set filters using trial and error, simply input the sort of edge you are looking for. Based on this, the software applies the most suitable algorithm for the measurement in question significantly improving the accuracy and repeatability of measurements taken on weak edges.

Operator Assistance - PC-DMIS Vision has a range of features to facilitate vision inspections. It includes a virtual compass for making quick on-machine checks. It also includes AutoShutter and Multi-Capture. AutoShutter greatly increases the throughput on manual machines by automatically measuring all features within a field of view rather than forcing you to position the camera on each. Multi-Capture automatically captures and processes all programmed features within the field of view on both manual and DCC machines.

Multi-Sensor Capable - PC-DMIS Vision supports a wide range of multi-sensor configurations including cameras, tactile probing, laser, and whitel light. Quickly and easily cross calibrate sensors and then use them interchangeably within the measurement programs as needed.

PC-DMIS Vision is available both as original equipment and as a retrofit for Mycrona measurement systems.

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