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Connect with PC-DMIS for increased automation, data-driven insights and efficiency savings

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Connect, inspect, adapt

PC-DMIS metrology software connects with a wide range of devices and applications to capture, enhance and distribute quality data more effectively.

PC-DMIS is not just the world’s favourite metrology software, it’s also the connecting hub at the heart of your manufacturing workflow.

Connect for:

  • Streamlined workflows 
  • Faster inspection routines
  • Analysis and insights 
  • Efficiency gains
  • Automated manufacturing

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One universal application for use with any Hexagon metrology device

Programmers and operators experience the same great looking user interface across all device types.  With only one software to learn there’s no need to invest in a new application for each device.

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Expanding application flexibility with a wide range of probes and sensors

PC-DMIS supports a wide range of probing and scanning sensors for coordinate measuring machines, as well as enabling multi-sensor capabilities to ensure maximum flexibility for measurement routines.

PC-DMIS probes and sensors displayed in a line

Software connectivity

PC-DMIS can extend and enhance your manufacturing workflows via its integration and connectivity with many complementary software applications in the Hexagon solution ecosystem.

  • Visual Detection
  • Robotic Automation
  • EDGECAM & NC Server
  • Q-DAS & eMMA
  • Metrology Reporting

Specialised add-on modules

A range of extensions with specialised capabilities can also be added to the core PC-DMIS configuration. These can either be stand‑alone modules or add-ons that control specialised hardware devices.

  • PC-DMIS Inspect
  • PC-DMIS Protect
  • PC-DMIS Vision
  • PC-DMIS Portable
  • PC-DMIS Blade

Connectivity is key to success

Leading manufacturing performers are characterised by high levels of connectivity across processes and systems. 

The quality function plays a key role, connecting dataflows and enhancing PMI data throughout the product lifecycle to enable more data driven decision-making.

Plug and play support for Hexagon’s leading CMM devices and probes, plus easy connectivity with key production and dimensional data platforms allow manufacturers to easily acquire, distribute and preserve critical measurement data. Download the brochure and find out how you can make the connection with PC-DMIS.