man with headset using HxGN OnCall software

Hexagon's HxGN OnCall supports all levels of emergency services

Shaping the future of public safety with the only comprehensive public safety portfolio.

Hexagon is shaping the future of public safety with the launch of HxGN OnCall. 

HxGN OnCall is the only comprehensive public safety portfolio with capabilities to support all levels of emergency services — police, fire, EMS, civil protection, major infrastructure operators, border and customs, roadside assistance and more.

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HxGN OnCall helps organisations of all sizes make more informed decisions by harnessing next-generation technology while connecting devices, systems and people to better meet future challenges. 

Accessed via browsers and mobile apps and deployed on premises or in the cloud, HxGN OnCall products are easily configurable, allowing agencies to adapt Hexagon’s core software to meet their unique needs. With a streamlined workflow and expanded outreach, which includes SMS, instant messaging and video, this technology ensures citizens can reach their local authorities to provide critical information via all available communication channels. 

HxGN OnCall gathering information about an overturned vehicle with two emergency vehicles nearby
“HxGN OnCall is putting data to work to deliver connectivity, collaboration and intelligence for safe, resilient cities and nations.”
Ola Rollén
Hexagon Chairman of the Board

Deployed together or independently across dispatch, planning and response, analytics and records, HxGN OnCall is designed to help public safety agencies of all sizes with modernised capabilities, allowing agencies to adapt the software to their unique and changing needs.

See the unique benefits of each HxGN OnCall product below:

HxGN OnCall Dispatch

HxGN OnCall Dispatch is a flexible suite of incident management capabilities, offering situational awareness and coordination to keep responders safe and let teams take effective action sooner for better response and outcomes.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response enables safe, efficient and effective management of major incidents and events by providing a single, unifying solution for all needs and stages of an operation. Deployed by individual agencies or across jurisdictions and tiers of command, this web-based application enables diverse responders to operate as coherent teams with common purpose and direction. 

HxGN OnCall Field Mobility 

HxGN OnCall’s field mobility solutions enhance safety, performance and productivity by connecting emergency responders and patrol officers with dispatch and records management capabilities wherever they are. With browser-based clients for in-vehicle devices and mobile apps for hand-held tablets and smartphones, HxGN OnCall mobile solutions offer clear information display and fast, accurate user interaction.

HxGN OnCall Records

HxGN OnCall Records is a robust records management system (RMS) that serves all facets of law enforcement operations and administration. It provides quick data entry and real-time alerts, immediate search and retrieval and extensive reporting capabilities. 

HxGN OnCall Analytics

HxGN OnCall Analytics is much more than a conventional reporting solution — it’s a comprehensive public safety analytics suite that enables more users to unlock their data and transform it into invaluable insights. The solution takes raw, fragmented, incomplete or incorrect data and converts it into usable reports and dashboards so agencies can better assess performance, allocate resources and improve operations.