HxGN OnCall field mobility

HxGN OnCall’s field mobility solutions feature task-focused apps that connect emergency responders and patrol officers with dispatch and records capabilities to ensure safe, efficient and effective operations.

HxGN OnCall Field Mobility

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Improve the safety, performance and productivity of field personnel with HxGN OnCall’s field mobility solutions comprised of simple-to-deploy apps for emergency responders and law enforcement. By connecting the field with dispatch and records capabilities and information, public safety agencies can enhance awareness, communication and coordination and create accurate reports faster.

HxGN OnCall’s mobile solutions offer:

  • Task-oriented user interface and workflows
  • Hand-held and in-unit device optimization
  • Native device capabilities, including GPS and speech to text
  • Consistent user experience (UX) across tasks
  • Connected and disconnected operations
  • Simple deployment and administration
  • Reduced data management



Enhances safety and response

Increase situational awareness, data flows, communications and coordination so teams can take safe, effective action.

Optimizes productivity

Leverage optimized UX to speed operations, eliminate manual or duplicative work and ensure information is timely and accurate.

Simplifies deployment and maintenance

Benefit from centralized control of browser-based clients and apps to streamline administration, simplify configuration and reduce support overhead.

Offers consistent look and feel

Reduce training overhead and allow personnel to easily move from response to updating events to gathering information.

Improves visibility

Reassure communities by enabling officers to spend more time in the field and discuss issues from an informed perspective.

Enables disconnected working

Continue working with cached information and post updates once back online.


Emergency responders

Provides emergency responders with enhanced situational awareness and communication to improve safety and deliver better response in the field.

Control room operators and supervisors

Gives control room operators and supervisors greater visibility and enhanced communication with field-based resources and reduces dispatcher workload.

Police and law enforcement patrols

Equips field officers with tools to simplify records capture, enhance awareness and reduce administration so they can spend more time in the community.


  • Mobile Unit

    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Mobile Unit extends HxGN OnCall Dispatch capabilities to in-unit devices, delivering exceptional UX and operational data. It offers role-based workflows, screen layouts for smaller form factors, and nighttime and high-contrast display. The solution enables users to:

    • Monitor live operations via event and unit monitors
    • Run searches and queries
    • Receive events and alerts from the control room
    • Self-attach to events
    • Update status and event information
    • Message units, individuals, groups and dispatchers
    • Make, update and cancel tow requests

    Agencies can easily configure Mobile Unit using the same simplified administration tools for office-based clients.

  • Mobile Responder

    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Mobile Responder connects first responders to the PSAP via a smartphone or hand-held tablet. Fully integrated with HxGN OnCall Dispatch, the mobile app helps public safety agencies make smarter decisions and improve safety and efficiency in the field. The solution enables users to:

    • Run searches and queries
    • Receive events and alerts from the control room
    • Self-attach to events
    • Update status and event information
    • View positional information on a map
    • Monitor each responder’s location

    With Mobile Responder, responders can work away from their unit, stay updated during event changes and share consistent situational awareness with the control room.

  • Field-Based Reporting

    HxGN OnCall Records | Field-Based Reporting provides in-unit devices with real-time access to HxGN OnCall Records. The easy-to-use application enables fast and convenient data entry and report submission, saving time and money by reducing duplicative tasks and paper-based reporting.

    Field-Based Reporting helps public safety agencies increase productivity and produce better, more timely reports to enhance awareness, allocate resources and improve operations.

  • Records | Mobile

    Spend less time writing reports and more time in your community. With HxGN OnCall Records | Mobile, police and law enforcement officers can search records, conduct interviews, capture information for reports and issue citations more effectively from their smartphone or hand-held tablet. The app is simple to deploy and use, reducing police costs and burdens and increasing productivity. The solution enables users to:

    • Capture rich information for record reports in the field
    • Log traffic accidents, bookings, citations and charges
    • Support community engagement
    • Scan driver’s license barcodes to auto-populate report details
    • Capture photos as evidence
    • Sketch accident diagrams
    • Record accurate location with GPS
Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division helps protect 1 in 9 people worldwide.

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Halton Regional Police Service uses a mobile response application from Hexagon to push incident response data.

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Discover how Australian Federal Police uses our mobile communications solution to reduce radio traffic and streamline operations.