City being connected by HxGN Connect smart cities technology

HxGN Connect is reimagining collaboration for the smart city

Technology-based smart city solutions are at the heart of what keeps today’s communities going.

HxGN Connect is a collaborative workspace that enables data-sharing and coordinates actions like never before. This groundbreaking platform offers a richer, more unified view of information with built-in messaging and tasking to support daily engagement and collaboration. Not only does it elevate communication and connection, but it also breaks down troublesome barriers between departments, organisations, cities and regions.

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One of the most important aspects of HxGN Connect is its ability to reduce the occurrence of information silos and bring information together for all departments within an organisation or organisations  — improving connectivity, planning, safety and performance. This helps to limit data inconsistencies and resolves issues quickly so everyone involved sees the same thing, without conflicting information — particularly in moments of crisis.

“The future of smart cities lies in connected data communities that enable users to work with people and information irrespective of organisational and geographical affiliations or technology limitations,” says Ola Rollén, Hexagon's president and CEO. 
PC screen showing Hexagon's HxGN Connect citywide collaboration interface
“HxGN Connect reimagines collaboration, which means safer cities, more effective services and happier residents."
Ola Rollén
Hexagon Chairman of the Board

Here’s how HxGN Connect is going beyond basic cooperation:

Secure data-sharing

Responsibly and securely share the data you want, with whom you want and under the conditions you set. 

Responsive, ad hoc capabilities

Set up new layouts, change data-sharing rules, scale to the scope of an event and spin up collaboration channels that dynamically add related people and assets — all at a moment’s notice.

Seamless data integration

Integrating data from different systems is easy, quick and inexpensive with assistance from Hexagon Xalt. With Hexagon's approach to data integration, you can build, manage and maintain your own interfaces.

Intuitive user experience

HxGN Connect is designed with you in mind. The user experience adjusts to fit organisations of different operating styles, cultures and workflows.

Collaboration in the cloud

HxGN Connect’s cloud-native system reduces entry barriers and simplifies deployment. Simply subscribe with no need to procure, manage or maintain new IT infrastructure.