Analysing a structure using Hexagon's HxDR technology

Reality capture and digital twins in the cloud

HxDR is Hexagon’s cloud-based storage, visualisation and collaboration platform for reality capture and geospatial data.

Hexagon is making it easier than ever for professionals to make more informed decisions with our innovative cloud-based, digital reality visualisation platform, HxDR. This groundbreaking platform creates accurate digital representations of the real world and — for the first time — seamlessly combines airborne imagery and laser scans, indoor and outdoor terrestrial scan data and mobile mapping data. 

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"We're uniquely positioned to deliver this innovative platform due to the vast library of data captured from our world-leading sensor and visualisation services portfolio — a portfolio we continually enhance through R&D and strategic acquisitions such as Technodigit, Luciad, MyVR and the newly acquired Melown Technologies," said Ola Rollén, Hexagon's president and CEO. "Moving forward, we anticipate HxDR will play a critical role in the formation of smart city and smart nation platforms that will increasingly reflect the needs of citizens today and in the future."

Users can leverage the complete, accurate and precise digital representations to visualise and share their 3D design projects and models within a real-world context. After capturing data, users can simply draw and drop reality capture files into HxDR, and the automated meshing function does the rest. Or, they can license real-world replicas from Hexagon’s exclusive and growing collection of towns, cities and landscapes. 

Image of woman at desk using digital reality tools on her computer
"HxDR addresses the need for simple-to-create, yet highly sophisticated and accurate visualisations of reality capture data that boost project efficiencies and cost savings."
Ola Rollén
Hexagon's president and CEO

There are a variety of uses across different industries, including architects sharing 3D building designs with project stakeholders, media and entertainment professionals remotely scouting production locations to streamline production workflows and city officials utilising HxDR in their smart city platforms for urban planning and development.