Mine with drill and blast lines overlay

HxGN MineMeasure delivers elite performance and the Power of One

HxGN MineMeasure takes innovation to a new level by improving the drill and blast process.

Backed by a team of dedicated technical experts, HxGN MineMeasure empowers mines to work smarter — not harder — with safer and more effective drill and blast (D&B) mining techniques than previously deemed possible. 

MineMeasure focuses on minimising losses and making incremental improvements needed for elite performance while offering companies the potential to save millions on cost.

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HxGN MineMeasure tailors proven software and hardware solutions with technical expertise to measure and improve the D&B process. This innovative new solution calculates and analyses the efficiency of each step to ensure a well-designed blast pattern is effectively executed using high-precision drills. It also delivers data for the next blast pattern and is constantly working to identify improvement opportunities through accuracy and precision. 

“Not only does MineMeasure address the small errors that can compound with costly consequences throughout the notoriously complex D&B cycle, but it also addresses sustainability of our resources — ore grades are declining everywhere, which means mines are digging more earth for less ore," said Ola Rollén, president and CEO of Hexagon.

Three workers in hard hats collaborating using Hexagon's blast-movement sensor software
“Improving ore recovery by even just 1% can mean millions of dollars for a mine."
Ola Rollén
Hexagon President and CEO

Here’s how MineMeasure delivers the Power of One:

Design suite

Begin the drill and blast process with a well-designed blast pattern.

Execution suite

Effectively execute the blast plan using machine-guided, high-precision drills.

Improve suite

Analyse and track with transparency, scrutinising every step of the ore-extraction journey.

Monitor suite

Safely and accurately track blasts to minimise loss and dilution with blast movement sensor software.