AR Monitoring

Hexagon's solutions for AR Monitoring enable manufacturers to enhance shop-floor operations and maintenance processes with enriched augmented reality experiences based around their digital twins.

A operator wearing a VR headset stood in front of a CNC machine

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Hexagon’s AR Monitoring solutions uses augmented reality to guide manufacturing operators through key operations and maintenance processes for safe and reliable shop-floor operations. Available for any phone or tablet, AR Monitoring is a mobile app that scans a QR code attached to a given asset and displays up-to-date machine health information and operational information. The augmented reality presentation is able to deliver a rich digital twin of their environment, providing valuable insights to operators attending the asset in an easy-to-understand immersive environment.

Augmented asset health and diagnostics 

AR Monitoring integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure, enabling the streaming of real-time data from PLC, MES, ERP, SCADA or data historian systems. As well as real-time machine data, AR Monitoring can pull in other associated data for a given asset, such as engineering schematics, manuals, videos and other resources from a document management system. The app provides shop-floor operators with the data they need to perform their jobs more efficiently, all from a single interface.

AR Monitoring also allows users to create points of interest (POIs) for the plant floor. POIs contain live machine data, documents, schematics, forms and videos that allow all the right information to be viewed in real time from a mobile device.
  • Features & benefits
    • QR code system per asset ensures operators have the correct real time data for the job they are working on 
    • Provides access to all documentation related to the asset’s operation and maintenance, including live process data, links to schematics, manuals, videos, procedures and forms 
    • Gives users the ability to view asset documentation videos without ever leaving the app 
    • Captures operators’ annotations live from the shop floor 

Manufacturing Asset Management

Hexagon’s solution for industrial IoT device monitoring enables you to monitor the performance, availability and health of your manufacturing assets.

Connected Worker

Hexagon’s solutions for connected workers digitally capture traditionally paper-based processes, providing real-time visibility, and ensuring shop-floor tasks are done fast, right, and safely.

Paperless Traveller

The Paperless Traveller digital documentation package enables manufacturers to record, store and share information digitally.  

Predictive Maintenance

Hexagon’s solutions for predictive maintenance help avoid manufacturing equipment downtime utilising AI and machine learning to detecting anomalies and interpret warning signs before downtime events occur enabling manufacturers to accelerate remedial actions.