Paperless Traveller

Paperless Traveller is a digital suite of apps which provide step-by-step instructions, up to date with all relevant ERP and engineering data so that manufacturing processes are adhered to and direct workers have exactly what they need to execute processes according to best practices and in order.

Track progress and record actions

Understand your plant velocity at any given point and immediately address production issues.

We're excited to announce that Hexagon Xalt Solutions is now Nexus Connected Worker!

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are designed to break down information silos and transform manual processes into efficient digital workflows, ensuring manufacturing excellence and efficiency.

Paperless Traveller

Feed the right data as it is happening ton plant management, allowing the best decisions to be made faster. Reduce assumptions by transforming your data into information by adding context and make better-informed decisions from the insights revealed.

  • Know where you are with all of the data to accurately predict where you are going to be
  • Ensure the latest instructions and documentation re presented to the right person at the right time
  • Provide instant access anywhere to disruptions, quality issues and bottlenecks
  • Monitor operations at multiple facilitates in real-time
  • Escalate production anomalies and push downtime alerts
  • Record results as they happen and validate input accuracy

Industrial worker using paperless traveller solution to monitor and view activity at multiple locations in real-time.