VCollab - CAE process automation and reporting

VCollab accelerates the processing of simulation results and streamlining of design decision-making processes.

By automating the process of extracting, merging and reporting simulation insights in 3D high-fidelity, browser-viewable models, VCollab extends access to critical simulation insights for everyone involved in the design and manufacturing process. The software enables the automatic creation of digital CAE reports from native simulation results files. These high-fidelity, actionable simulation insight reports can easily be shared with designers and other stakeholders to inform the design decision-making process.

Key benefits

VCollab helps manufacturing companies maximise return on their simulation investments:

  • Accelerates the post-processing of results
  • Reduces human error during post-processing and creating CAE reports
  • Enables manufacturers to improve product quality
  • Streamlines the design decision-making process
  • Helps companies digitally transform CAE reporting processes for greater efficiency

With VCollab, analysts spend minutes instead of hours to create far superior simulation insights. Global analysis teams can collaborate on digital CAE reports to review and validate the analysis models and results from multiple CAE software packages. Design teams, OEMs and suppliers can collaborate on reports that tell the full story and help them to make faster design decisions, reducing product costs and timelines. And CIOs pursuing digital transformation strategies can use the tool to maximise return on CAE investments.


  • VCollab has existing integrations with MSC Nastran, Marc, Adams and SimManager
  • VCollab also integrates with Actran through OP2 files
  • VCollab can interface with any MSC solver that can produce OP2, XDB or H5 files

Modules available on MSCOneXT

  • VMove JT for MSCOne
  • VMove Adams for MSCOne
  • VMove CAD for MSCOne
  • VMove CAE for MSCOne
  • VCollab Presenter for MSCOne
  • VCollab Professional for MSCOne
  • VCollab Professional JT Export for MSCOne
  • VCollab WebViewer for MSCOne