Affiliation: MI Division. Type: Technology Partner. Microsoft is the leading technology platform and productivity company.

Microsoft and Hexagon in partnership 

Microsoft and Hexagon are working together to help manufacturers utilise cloud technology efficiently and securely. 

Manufacturing leaders today are excited by the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), but concerns over the security of cloud solutions has limited uptake in some industry segments. Hexagon is working with Microsoft to understand and overcome the challenges of deploying cloud solutions to make manufacturing smarter. 

Microsoft’s cross-industry experience in cloud solution design, deployment and security, combined with Hexagon’s manufacturing domain expertise and understanding of factory operations and processes, positions the two companies to help manufacturers successfully realise the potential of cloud computing.

"We are both ‘pushing the envelope’. We are very good at what we do in machine learning, but we don’t have the subject matter expertise that Hexagon brings."

Diego Tamburini, Principal Industry Lead – Cloud for Manufacturing, Microsoft

"We are impressed with Hexagon’s vision of enabling smart manufacturing by connecting the end-to-end digital journey of a product, from design and engineering, through production, to quality assurance. We are proud of their choice of Azure as their cloud platform and excited to be working closely with them implementing this vision.”

Çağlayan Arkan, VP Manufacturing Industry, Microsoft