CivilFEM by Ingeciber

CivilFEM - powerful and versatile program for advanced analyses performed in all construction sectors

CivilFEM provides a rich set of tools and unique capabilities that streamline the creation of analysis models for construction, dams, forensic structural analysis, seismic design, soil-structure interaction, foundations, tunnels, rock and soil mechanic analyses, skyscrapers, geotechnics, mining, energy, oil and gas, precast, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, or any other civil engineering major infrastructure.

CivilFEM Intro powered by Marc

CivilFEM Intro's capabilities are mainly linear structural simulations such as static, transient, modal, harmonic, response spectrum and linear buckling analysis, with some nonlinearities including large deflections and strains, nonlinear springs, dumpers, cables and contacts, and checking and design according to steel and concrete codes (Eurocodes, ACI, AISC ASD/LRFD etc.).

CivilFEM advanced powered by Marc

CivilFEM advanced includes the CivilFEM Intro capabilities plus nonlinear material models for concrete cracking, crushing, creek and shrinkage, steel and geomaterials (Druker-Prager, Mohr-coulomb, Extended Cam-Clay, Hoek and Brown, Duncan-Chang, etc.), material time-dependent properties like concrete maturity and nonlinear construction and stage process, nonlinear bucking, prestressed concrete (for beams, shells and solids with tendon layout definition, automatic loses calculation, equivalent forces to the FEM and code checking and design) and advanced nonlinear contacts (breaking glue, cohesion, friction, etc.).

CivilFEM Expert powered by Marc

CivilFEM Expert includes the CivilFEM Advanced capabilities plus steady-state and transient heat transfer, thermal-structural coupled analysis for material temperature-dependent properties, steady-state or transient seepage analysis and seepage-structural coupled analysis such as water table variation, pour water pressure, effective stress, etc.

Key capabilities of CivilFEM

  • Nonlinear buckling
  • Nonlinear staged construction process
  •  Crushing and cracking nonlinear reinforced concrete
  •  Concrete creep and shrinkage and time dependent properties
  •  Pre-stressed reinforced concrete
  •  Fiber reinforced concrete
  •  Soil material behaviour laws
  •  Check and design by the most important codes and standards
  •  Soil-structure interaction
  •  Nonlinear advanced contacts
  •  Insert elements
  •  Advanced seismic analysis
  •  Heat transfer and coupled thermal-structural analysis Seepage-structural analysis
  • Python scripting