Affiliation: MI Division. Type: Technology Partner. Delivers process automation software in advanced manufacturing processes.

About Authentise

Get real about additive manufacturing with Hexagon and Authentise

The additive manufacturing market is complex and fast-changing with many excellent tools, printers and materials to apply. With expertise throughout the product lifecycle, Hexagon is uniquely placed to help customers navigate and capitalise on the best available technology.

We share Authentise’s vision of open and flexible systems, and we believe the joint solutions for end-to-end additive manufacturing will enable us to respond quickly to customers' needs and integrate with their unique environments.

Predictable, repeatable and traceable

Industrialising AM technology means digitalising every step of the workflow from part design, through production, to final product and quality assurance to connect the digital thread of a part and trace its pedigree.


The solution is open. Hexagon and Authentise share this vision and we believe our open and flexible systems will enable us to respond quickly to customer’s needs and integrate with their unique environments.


Together, we are connecting the data flow and helping to streamline customer workflows in all stages of the AM process — before, during and after production to increase automation across the processes our customers require.

This doesn’t stop with workflows. We will deliver new solutions that apply statistical process control (SPC) with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods to mitigate waste and quality issues during the design phase and to close the loop between design intent and shop-floor reality. This will enable repeatability that cannot be achieved today.

Quality at every step

Take advantage of Hexagon’s best-in-class design for additive manufacturing, build simulation, material behaviour modelling, material lifecycle management, CT inspection and metrology. Put shop-floor data to work to orchestrate superior quality from concept to part.