Adding our experts to your team

Helping deliver the right support at the right time.

Adding our experts to your team

Hexagon’s Service and Support team is ready to serve you in both initial configuration and integration of your software as well as ongoing support to help maximise efficiency. Think of our team as an extension of yours; our goal is to help you stay productive.

According to IEEE 610.12-1990 the term software maintenance refers to the modification of a software product after it has been delivered in order to correct errors, improve performance or other attributes or to make adjustments to the changed environment. In a broader sense, services and measures that accompany or support the changes described by the standard can also be counted as software maintenance.

At Hexagon, the services and measures that support software updates are equally as important as the updates themselves. Application engineers remain up to date with all the latest versions to better assist you and your team.

Your support benefits include:

  • Free remote support for any need related to the installation and configuration of the new software*
  • Personalized support from dedicated application engineers
  • Preferential technical assistance and general troubleshooting
  • Access to articles and other materials created by technical experts in the industry

*Some exclusions and restrictions apply