Protect your investment

Keep pace with evolving quality requirements.

Protect your investment

As well as ensuring that software matches the capabilities of rapidly improving hardware updates, upgrades can enhance user experience and software performance and update software with the latest standards to insure operational compliance. These kinds of advancements make upgrading software crucial to maximise inspection productivity.

The performance of the most durable, well-built metrology hardware can be held back by outdated software, and updates can help protect the business from upcoming challenges and changes. For instance, if one of a manufacturer’s most valued customers undergoes a major operational change, such as adopting new quality requirements or moving to new CAD/CAM formats, software updates are essential to achieve the interoperability that enables the manufacturer to meet these new demands and continue crucial business relationships.

When users need to update or extend their existing software, Hexagon software upgrade packages that ensure manufacturers can continuously evolve to meet their inspection requirements and keep pace with the evolution of dimensional control standards.

Enjoy peace of mind with:

  • Measurement hardware / firmware changes and advancements
    • Hexagon software connects you to a rapidly advancing hardware market and up-to-date software helps get the most out of your entire system
  • Computer hardware and operating system (OS) updates
    • Our team of software developers are always looking to take full advantage of computer hardware and OS advancements to increase overall efficiencies with each new release
  • CAD model file format updates and changes
    • As 3D CAD developers update their database structures, it becomes important to keep the CAD/CAM importers up to date