Machine tool measurement service offerings

Get quick support, repair, and upgrade services for your machine tool measurement systems and software.


To ensure efficient operations and minimise machine downtime, manufacturers require fast and reliable support for their machine tool measurement needs. With technical experts and a full portfolio of spare parts on hand, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers a wide range of services to help with your machine tool measurement problems or challenges. 

Technical Support 

Our expert technicians can assure you the fastest assistance for any kinds of machine tool measurement problems, supporting you remotely by phone, fax, or email. Alternatively, we can provide on-site assistance, as our service technicians are strategically placed to support you in various locations, languages and time zones. 

Sales Support 

If you have any questions or requests regarding installations, retrofits or trouble shooting, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representatives. Our experienced team can support you in your machine tool and control requirements and assist you with changing applications. 

Spare parts

Many machine tool measurement problems can be solved simply by replacing spare parts directly at your location. From probes to styli, we stock a full range of readily available parts, and our team of experts ensure fast replacement and exchange of the parts. By choosing original spare parts, you can always be sure to maintain the reliability of your measurement system. All spare parts can be ordered on call or by email. 

Software Maintenance Agreement 

Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) allow you to maintain the value of your machine tool measurement software investment by providing access to software updates, technical support and free training and workshops. Our experts can also support you with any application challenges you face.  

Repair and Replacement Services 

To ensure the best solution for your machine tool measurement hardware, we offer a range of repair and replacement services: 

  • Standard Repair Service
    The damaged product will be carefully examined by our experts. After that, you will receive a detailed report, providing a breakdown on the damage and estimated repair costs. Only original parts are used, so that quality and reliability is always ensured. To learn more about the Repair Service process, please complete the Repair Service form. 
  • Advanced Repair by Exchange – A-RBE
    When you report defective hardware, we quickly dispatch a replacement product to you. This way, your production can continue with minimised downtime and costs are known from the beginning. The defective device must be sent back within 4 weeks. To learn more about the Exchange Service process, please contact your local service representative.
  • Upgrade Service 
    By exchanging the defective hardware with a more recently produced or latest generation product, you can enhance your production with the most cutting edge technology.