Evaluation of results with Simufact Forming Advanced Seminar



In this advanced training course, you will learn how to systematically evaluate, interpret and to represent. Your trainer will show you the theoretical background of the individual result variables and introduces you to the application. You will learn a systematic approach and methods for plausibility checks.  Know and learn how to compare the results with real process data.


Target group

Users with initial experience in the operation of Simufact Forming


  • Theoretical background to the most important ones input parameters (e.g. friction, heat transfer, flow curves)
  • Theoretical background to the result variables
  • Contour plots
  • Cuts
  • Timeline charts
  • Particles and flow lines
  • Custom result sizes
  • Result export


We recommend that you have knowledge of the training content of the basic seminar and one of the advanced seminars (sheet metal, cold or hot forging). In addition, you should have comprehensive practical knowledge of process simulation bring along.

and Location

05.-06.11.2024, Hamburg, Germany


2 days


€ 1.280 + VAT


Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224

Email: msctraining.de@hexagon.com