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 MSC Nastran
 NAS101A: Linear Statics and Normal Modes

 NAS101B: Advanced Linear Analysis

 NAS102A: Dynamic Analysis using MSC Nastran

 NAS102B: Advanced Dynamic Analysis using MSC Nastran

 NAS110: DMAP and Database Application to MSC Nastran

 NAS120: Linear Statics Normal Modes and Buckling Analysis MSC Nastran and Patran
 Patran  PAT301: Patran Introduction

 PAT312: Thermal Analysis Using Patran Thermal

 PAT318: Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation Using Patran Fatigue
 Adams  ADM701: Adams Introduction

 ADM702: Adams Solver
 Adams/Car  ADM740: Adams/Car Suspension Design and Vehicle Dynamics
 Dytran  DYT101: Introduction to Lagrangian Analysis Using Dytran
 Easy5  EAS101: Easy5 Introduction

 EAS102: Easy5 Advanced

 EAS103: Easy5 Fluid Power Systems

 EAS105: Easy5 Gas Systems
 Marc  MAR101: Basic Nonlinear Analysis using Marc & Mentat

 MAR102: Marc & Mentat

  MAR120: Marc & Patran Introduction


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