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MSC Services Toolkits are created for the engineer who has a very specific job in mind. They are built as plug-ins to existing MSC Software products, and provide a set of customized menus and options that expand the functionality of MSC Software products - allowing engineers to solve problems faster and more accurately.

Adams Tracked Vehicle

Adams plug-in for creating, modifying, and simulating tracked vehicles with ease.

Adams Gear Generator

Environment for the creation of simplified or moderately detailed involute spur, helical and bevel rigid gears in Adams/View and Adams /Car. Both external and internal gears can be modeled.

Adams Gear AT (Advanced Technology)

Adams plug-in targeting the simulation of high performance transmissions and the dynamics of high fidelity gears taking into account full flexibility of the gear teeth, the gear wheels, the contact between them and the surrounding structure

Adams Bearing AT (Advanced Technology)

An Adams plug-in that meets the prerequisites for modern virtual prototyping of bearings: fast and user-friendly modeling and accurate and fast simulations. All input is limited to the geometric parameters including the micro-geometry, which guarantees fast and user-friendly modeling.

Adams Cables

A graphical user interface (GUI) based on Adams for modeling cable and pully systems and creating the required input files for the subsequent Adams analysis.

Adams Advanced Wind Turbine Modeling

Adams plug-in that allows fast modeling and accuratesystem simulation of wind turbines considering every major aspect of turbine designincluding tower, blades, hub, mainframe, gearbox housing, bearings, transmission, controls(generator, pitch, yaw), aerodynamic and centrifugal forces, coriolis acceleration, gyroscopic point loads, gravity, thermal loads, and wave loads from 3rd parties.

Adams Leafspring

Adams plug-in that enables users to model leaf-spring suspensions using an advanced discrete beam approach.

Adams EncVPG

Adams plug-in that enables users to access encrypted virtual proving grounds in combination with Adams/View or Adams/Car. The following virtual proving grounds are available:

  • Applus+ IDIADA

Nastran Seismic

The Nastran Seismic Toolkit offers straight forward specification of the combined static and dynamic environments to which earthquake resistant structures are subjected. With account of current industry standard methodology, the easy specification of the various combination techniques, and their immediate availability in the post processing environment, improves efficiency by orders of magnitude.