Hot Forging Advanced Seminar



The seminar provides you with specific modeling options for drop forging. Advanced Modeling and evaluation functionalities give you access to complex forming processes different kinematics.


Target group

Users from the field of hot forging, especially die forging


  • Advanced modeling of multi-stage hot stamping processes
  • Deepening of the kinematics of machines for the hot stamping
  • Modeling of the stretch rolling process
  • Alternative description of the material parameters
  • Advanced use of the FV solver; specific use of the FE solver in the hot stamping
  • Deepening of the modeling of deburring and punching operations
  • Selected aspects of the evaluation of the Tool Stress (Decoupled Analysis)
  • Tool wear
  • Further evaluation of results


Before you attend our advanced seminar, we recommend that you be familiar with the training content of the basic seminar and a practical phase lasting several weeks.

Dates and Location

27.-28.02.2024, Hamburg, Germany

12.-13.11.2024, Hamburg, Germany



2 days




Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224