3D Printing Simulation with Simufact Additives Powder bed Basic Seminar



As part of the seminar, you will learn how to set up and calculate standard models with Simufact Additive. You will get to know the structure of the program so that you can independently model your own to develop processes. We will teach you the basic range of functions so that you can use the necessary.

Be able to handle process parameters and tools for standard evaluation.

Target group

Future users who are new to the simulation of metal-based additive manufacturing processes with powder bed melting processes (selective laser melting (SLM), direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), LaserCUSING® and others).


  • Basic program structure
  • CAD import and geometry processing
  • Support structure import, creation and outline optimization
  • Mechanical, thermal and thermomechanical
  • Modeling of metal-based additives manufacturing processes
  • Basic modeling of separation and downstream heat treatment operations
  • Calibration of the simulation
  • Basics of the evaluation
  • Delay compensation


None, CAD knowledge is helpful.

Dates and location

19. – 20. März 2024, Hamburg, Germany
8. – 9. Oktober 2024, Hamburg, Germany


2 days 




Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224
Email: msctraining.de@hexagon.com