Romax basic user training

Gain necessary skills to properly design a system and use it to do differnet types of analysis with the differnent Romax personas.

Course Objective - At the end of this course participants will have the necessary skills to properly design a system for various types of analysis using Romax personas.

Length: 24 Hours (6 hours x 4 Days)

Cost: $1,425

Pre-requisites : 



  • Learn how to build a Romax model including gears, shafts and bearings.
  • Define detailed bearings & gears.
  • Assess the component durability and expected lives.
  • Understand mesh misalignment and gear ratings.
  • Learn how to analyse gear micro-geometry and how it affects gear life.
  • Learn how to optimise gears to achieve the required performance.
  • Learn how to model perpendicular shafts
  • Learn how to conduct DOE Studies
  • Learn how to add flexible FE components for housings or shafts.
  • Learn how to model planetary gear systems.

Date(s): Oct 25, 2022 to Oct 28, 2022

Location: Virtual Classroom

                   United States