Acoustic analysis with MSC Nastran



In addition to structural dynamic analyses, MSC Nastran can also be used to carry out acoustic analyzes for interiors and perform external sound radiation. You will learn how to do it. This seminar is suited to calculation engineers who already have experience with dynamic analyzes in MSC Nastran and who now also want to carry out acoustic analyses. 


  • Introduction to the basics of acoustics 
  • Coupled fluid structure analysis, virtual mass method and external sound radiation 
  • Acoustic analysis types in MSC Nastran (eigenvalue, frequency response and time domain analysis, optimization) 
  • Air-structure coupling, boundary conditions, material definition, absorption, acoustic excitations, output sizes
  • Workshop examples on the computer: 
    • Modal acoustic analysis 
  • Interior acoustics analysis of a loudspeaker in the low frequency range 
  • Interior acoustics analysis of a car 
  • Acoustic participation factors
  • Interior acoustics analysis of a speaker with absorption
  • Radiated acoustic energy 
  • Virtual Mass method
  • Analysis of the external sound radiation of a panel 
  • Analysis of the external sound radiation of a car



Basic knowledge of static and dynamic analysis with MSC Nastran (NAS101 and NAS102a+NAS102b); Previous knowledge of acoustics is an advantage, but is not required. 

Dates and location  

12.-14.03.2024, Garching next Munich, Germany  
27.-29.11.2024, Garching next Munich, Germany 


3 days 




Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224