Tactical edge mapping

Rapidly collect location data and map areas of interest for mission-critical operations.

A soldier examines location data on a tablet in the field

Tactical edge mapping in the field

Our user-friendly sUAS gathers tactical high-resolution imagery for critical situational awareness prior to operations.

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Hexagon provides armed forces with tactical edge mapping capabilities that can operate autonomously in a fully-disconnected environment—capturing and storing high-resolution imagery, vector, terrain and other content at a low cost.


Mission-critical operations are dynamic with on-the-ground conditions quickly changing. Defence agencies and units in fields of operation must be able to rapidly collect, process, visualise and analyse imagery from areas of interest to gather intelligence and adjust tactics.

Hexagon’s tactical edge mapping solutions deliver high-performance rapid location data collection capabilities for mapping areas of interest and enabling geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) at the tactical and disconnected edge. With other solutions, organisations can also maintain libraries of high-threat areas, manage multiple 2D and 3D globes and share unclassified imagery with coalition forces and other agencies.

secure data for tactical edge mapping

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