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Connect the jobsite, office and more with digitalised construction management workflows.

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Nexus Connected Worker modernises data collection from the field by digitalising paper-based processes using the latest technology. Our apps improve daily construction management activities to increase their speed and accuracy, allowing you to quickly access key information and standardise workflows.


Jobsite productivity management

Nexus Connected Worker Solutions’ productivity construction management apps promote smart decisions for efficient, error-free resource allocation and deployment. Our mobile construction management solutions provide key capabilities like these:

  • Digitalise and connect data from the real world into your systems of record
  • Provide critical resource data to field management
  • Create detailed and accurate daily construction management reports that reduce administrative overhead
  • Automate the payroll process and validate data in real time
  • Incorporate seamless digital workflow solutions for managing labour, time and productivity from the office to the field and back

Our construction management solutions transform reactive decision-making into pro-active planning that improves outcomes and shapes the future of your business.

Jobsite productivity management software in use on a laptop computer


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