Machine shops have a transformative opportunity to harness technology for further optimising the manufacturing stage of their production processes. By integrating advanced tools and real-time monitoring systems, machine shops can unlock a new realm of operational efficiency. Through leveraging data and analytics from their machine tools, they can gain insights into machine operation and health, detecting potential issues before they disrupt production. When implemented effectively, enhancing machines with digital capabilities and automating dynamic machine settings, can reduce human error and minimise set up times. Furthermore, embracing machine learning and artificial intelligence empowers these shops to analyse vast datasets, uncover patterns, and fine-tune processes for higher precision and faster production cycles. The strategic fusion of technology and machining expertise creates a symphony of performance, where each tool and component works in perfect harmony, ensuring that machine shops not only meet but surpass their operational benchmarks.

Hexagon offers a range of technologies to help machine shops optimise the manufacturing stage, building on the existing information and operational technology they are already using – explore some of these below: