Geospatial intelligence

Collect, produce, manage, analyse and exploit geospatial information to get actionable intelligence.

Helicopters fly overhead in a strategic formation.

Machine learning for information supremacy

With AI, analysts can spend less time sifting through vast geospatial datasets and more time acting on results.

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Hexagon provides capabilities for analysing and exploiting large amounts of map and imagery data for defence planning and operations.

From battlefields to command centers, our geospatial intelligence solutions help defence agencies transform data into informed decision-making.


Defence and intelligence agencies need to shorten the timeframe between geospatial data collection and producing geospatial intelligence that operators can act on.

Hexagon's geospatial intelligence capabilities help militaries integrate, analyse, exploit and disseminate information to support mission-critical planning and operations. Our solutions support:

  • Data integration: Fuse maps, terrain and imagery with real-time weather, moving tracks and other data sources in their original formats for visualisation and analysis.
  • Analysis and exploitation: Machine learning and advanced analytical tools automate the process of identifying targets and objects of interest.
  • Product dissemination: In air, on land or at sea, share intelligence from command centers to the front line for faster decision-making.
US Navy radar technician monitors her screens and takes notes

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