Throughout the life cycle of a facility, critical information must be accessed to ensure efficient and safe project execution and operations. HxGN SDx® is a modular, cloud-based solution that optimizes efficiency, improves profitability and ensures safety throughout the life of a facility.

HxGN SDx® Operations and Projects

Engineering Information Anywhere. Anytime.

Digitize your Data

Digitalization is no longer a trend; it’s the new standard. Don’t get left behind. HxGN SDx enables you to digitally transform your asset lifecycle. 

Eliminate Handover

When projects and operations work in the same platform, there is no need for handover to be difficult and complex. Simply ‘flip the switch’ to give operations access to the completed project’s data.

One of the key focus areas for anyone who looks to digitalize engineering data and document management is to focus on having the right tools with the right setup. Ensure you have the right hardware for the software and invest in a tool that enables collaboration functionality across different departments.” –Phil Woodall (Company: Nynas Sweden)