Super cateye reflector

The ultra-wide acceptance angle reflector


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The Super CatEye Reflector is a laser tracker target with an ultra-wide laser acceptance angle, designed to deliver productivity improvement without the need for large cost investment. Its innovative approach to laser tracker target design represents a realistic alternative to investing in additional expensive equipment to meet the needs of measurement applications that cover a wide physical area. At the same time, it presents opportunities to streamline current measurement workflows by requiring less manual handling of in-place reflectors or tracker station changes.

With this unique characteristic, users can minimise time-consuming laser tracker station changes or manual interaction with their reflector targets. They can also avoid the expensive typical alternative solution of installing multiple trackers or reflectors, or active-targets that require complexities such as separate electrical power, motors and encoders.

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    Ultra-wide field of view
    A laser acceptance angle of ±75 degrees from vertical around a full 360 degrees field of view means it can be easily locked onto by laser trackers in a range of positions, minimising tracker station changes or reflector adjustments.

    Measurement range
    A large measurement range of up to 18 metres from the laser tracker station further allows for increased productivity by minimising unnecessary target placement adjustments.

    This optical technology unique to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence laser trackers automatically detects, recognises and connects a measurement target, even if the target is moving.

    One single source
    The Swiss-made quality of our laser tracker systems carries over to our laser tracker accessories – premium design and production is guaranteed.

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