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Whether cylindrical worms, worm wheels or double-enveloping worms - QUINDOS offers a software solution here, which fulfills all requirements. Cylindrical worms can be measured horizontally mounted as well as in upright position. Worm wheels of cylindrical worms are evaluated by profile and helix, runout, pitch, topography and dimension over balls. A high quantity of different parts can be measured on pallets, because a rotary table is not required.

QUINDOS Cylindrical Worm
For inspection of single start and multi start worms, left or right hand lead. Type ZA, ZI, ZN, ZK and ZC according to DIN 3975. The worms can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position on the Coordinate Measuring Machine. Evaluation of flank, topography, profile in axial section, lead, pitch etc. 

QUINDOS Worm Wheel for Cylindrical Worm
Measures helix, profile, topography, pitch, runout and tooth thickness of worm wheels as conjugate to cylindrical worms of type ZA, ZI, ZN, ZK and ZC.

QUINDOS Globoid Worm
Measurement of single start and multi start double enveloping worms, left or right hand lead. Generation type "plane" and "straight". Evaluation of profile, lead, pitch, runout and topography.

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