QUINDOS Reshaper

QUINDOS Reshaper

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The QUINDOS Reshaper option is a universal software package for different applications. It has been developed to process and analyse point clouds generated by the CMS laser sensor on a 3D coordinate measuring machine at high speeds, by the portable ROMER Absolute Arm or other measurement devices. Also datasets from a CT scanner (computer tomography scanner) can be processed. With QUINDOS Reshaper users reach their goal efficiently - independent of hardware availability or time constraints.

The surface of the component that has been captured in point cloud format is converted into a digital workpiece with the 3DReshaper software. This produces a very accurate image of the actual part. Measuring points are selected for import by marking the points on the digital component. 3DReshaper supplies the true actual points. QUINDOS Reshaper then processes the measuring points in the same way as measuring points supplied by a connected CMM. Thus, users can measure and analyse their parts offline with QUINDOS Reshaper. All of the analysis options supported by QUINDOS are available to users. Existing measurement programs can be executed on the virtual component. QUINDOS Reshaper even enables set points to be generated on a CAD model loaded in QUINDOS. 3DReshaper finds and returns the corresponding actual points on the generated model.

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