Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance personnel often struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information – such as datasheets and drawings - which are often duplicated throughout an organisation. To address these, Hexagon's solutions are trusted across many industries to reduce operational risk, digitise operations and meet compliance requirements.

Operations & Maintenance

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  • PAS InBound

    PAS InBound® creates a master database of operational limits to ensure alignment across all sources of record and analyze performance against those limits.

  • PAS Automation Integrity

    PAS Automation Integrity™ collects and contextualizes OT/ICS configurations from the sensor to the cloud and automates change management.

  • PAS TuneWizard

    PAS TuneWizard™ implements effective tuning to ensure optimal and robust control loop performance

  • PAS IPL Assurance

    PAS IPL Assurance® gains visibility into the performance of your Independent Protection Layers (IPL) to ensure your operations are safe to run.

  • PAS ControlWizard

    PAS ControlWizard™ monitors and assesses the performance of all your control loops to improve process safety and reliability.

  • PAS Alarm Management

    PAS AlarmManagement™ helps you implement industry-wide best practices to optimize alarm systems and improve operator effectiveness.

  • AKMS

    Expedites the digital transformation of paper-based, high-risk operational procedures and work processes while enabling organizations to easily manage, govern and distribute the up-to-date content.

  • Product

    j5 Shift Operations Management provides a tested operations management solution with spreadsheet-like configurability.

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Operational automation contributes to error reduction and data ommissions while streamlining communications.
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