Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Operations and Maintenance is pivotal to an organisation’s ability to achieve operational excellence by ensuring the efficient and reliable performance of various systems, facilities, infrastructure and equipment throughout their operational lifecycle.

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What is Operations & Maintenance?

O&M is a critical aspect of managing and sustaining various systems, facilities, infrastructure and equipment. It encompasses a wide range of activities to ensure that these assets function effectively and efficiently throughout their operational lifecycle. Operations and Maintenance activities are critical in industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation and more. Vital components of O&M include:

  • Operations involve daily activities to efficiently run systems, including monitoring and adjustments, aiming for peak productivity.

  • Maintenance aims to extend equipment life, including preventive and corrective measures, planned or reactive.

  • Asset management entails tracking and optimising all system assets. Safety and compliance prioritise adherence to regulations and safety standards.

  • Performance monitoring involves data analysis for efficient operation.

  • Energy efficiency focuses on reducing consumption and environmental impact.

  • Budgeting and planning allocate resources for maintenance and upgrades.

  • Documentation maintains records for accountability.

  • Sustainability emphasizes eco-friendly solutions, waste reduction and energy conservation.


The importance of an Operational Manual

An O&M (Operations and Maintenance) manual, often referred to as an O&M documentation or operations manual, is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information and instructions about the operation, maintenance and management of a system, facility, equipment or infrastructure. It is a valuable reference guide for individuals or teams responsible for these assets' ongoing operation and upkeep.

O&M Solutions

Hexagon offers a range of Operations and Maintenance solutions to help organisations optimise their assets and processes.

Solutions include:

  • Product

    j5 Shift Operations Management provides a tested operations management solution with spreadsheet-like configurability.

    • ×
      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Operational automation contributes to error reduction and data ommissions while streamlining communications.
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  • PAS PlantState Integrity

    PAS PlantState Integrity analyzes data from disparate sources to provide critical safety and production information that improves operator situation awareness.

    • ×
      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Automated performance reporting for alarms, control loops, boundaries, and IPLs in addition to advanced state-based alarm and boundary management
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  • AKMS

    Expedites the digital transformation of paper-based, high-risk operational procedures and work processes while enabling organizations to easily manage, govern and distribute the up-to-date critical operational content field workers require to keep operations running optimally and learn faster. 

  • PAS Automation Integrity

    PAS Automation Integrity™ collects and contextualizes OT/ICS configurations from the sensor to the cloud and automates change management.

  • Product

    HxGN SDx® is designed for digital transformation by addressing this challenge in practical, cost-effective ways.

    • ×
      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Efficiently manage change through automated work processes and easily identify impact and potential conflicts of a change
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Operations and Maintenance FAQs

  • What are the functions of an operations and maintenance department?

    Operations and Maintenance (O&M) departments ensure efficient, safe, and effective operation of systems, facilities, equipment, and infrastructure. Their functions encompass operational monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance, safety compliance, asset management, energy efficiency initiatives, personnel training, budgeting, and comprehensive documentation to optimise asset performance and longevity.

  • What is the relationship between operations and maintenance?

    The relationship between operations and maintenance is symbiotic, with both functions intertwined for the seamless functioning of assets. Operations involves daily activities to run assets smoothly, while maintenance focuses on preserving them. Preventive maintenance aligns with operations to prevent breakdowns, maintenance teams quickly respond during operation failures, data sharing informs decisions, and continuous improvement ensures reliability and efficiency.

  • What is operations and maintenance in construction?

    Operations and maintenance in construction refer to post-construction activities, including facility handover, asset management, routine and emergency maintenance, safety compliance, energy efficiency measures, budgeting and meticulous documentation. These efforts are crucial for extending the facility's life, optimising performance, ensuring safety and sustainability and enhancing the constructed asset's functionality and longevity.

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