Intergraph Outage Analytics & Reporting

Extend enterprise access to operational information for outage visualization, analysis and reporting.

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Intergraph Outage Analytics & Reporting is a simple-to-use web tool that extends enterprise access to operational information (historical, as well as near-real time), visualization, analysis and reporting.

It provides real-time situational awareness of unfolding outages, operational deployments and restoration progress during major events. Self-service means users get up-to-the-minute information without distracting outage management operators from their tasks.

It offers insight into historical performance, trends and possible root causes, helping companies to proactively reduce the number of outage events. It also enables monitoring of KPIs to identify emerging issues before they become problems, and simplifies reporting on industry standard indices such as system reliability, IEEE reports, outage analysis and crew history reports.

The system is simple to set up and integrate within existing ICT landscapes and provides richer insight by synthesizing a single unified view of data from multiple disparate systems.


Increase situational awareness

Obtain real-time situational awareness of the unfolding situation, operational deployments and restoration progress.

Reduce outages

Utilize historical performance, trends, and possible root cause to proactively reduce the number of outages.

Spot trends

Monitor KPIs to identify emerging issues before they become problems, such as outage duration, frequency of outages, system availability and response times.
"For us, it’s the perfect way to get data out very easily and very quickly."
Dave Barclay
Senior Applications Analyst
Snohomish County PUD

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Snohomish County PUD

Snohomish County PUD uses Intergraph G/Technology as a system of record for its entire network and to provide information to all departments and systems across the enterprise.