PAS Automation Integrity

PAS Automation Integrity™

Employ configuration management for asset and system performance improvement.

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As plants have modernized and digitalized, their Operational Technology networks have become incredibly complex, with thousands of endpoints, hundreds of integrated applications, tens of thousands of sensors and more interoperability than ever before. This combination of greater complexity and continual change leaves facilities vulnerable to the effects of undocumented and unapproved changes to system configuration. PAS Automation Integrity™ is an enterprise solution that collects and contextualizes OT/ICS configurations from the sensor to the cloud and automates change management. With PAS Automation Integrity you can improve plant safety while reducing operational risk.


  • Baseline and track changes to configuration to gain an in-depth understanding of your operations

  • Automate change management with complete information from the sensor to the cloud

  • Visualize complex configurations and interdependencies between disparate systems

  • Establish configuration consistency across assets while benchmarking, replicating and scaling control schemes enterprise wide

  • Supports 130+ industrial automation systems

PAS Automation Integrity


PAS Automation Integrity
  • Improves plant performance with fewer trips due to bad configurations

  • Reduces sensor configuration drift and errors up to 40% or more

  • Reduces inventory and documentation effort up to 70% or more

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